Remember ordering 2oz of sherbet drops or cola cubes?

Such sweets and the traditional way of ordering them is making a comeback in Kearsley after a demand  - from adults, particularly pensioners.

Jenna Goodwin who runs the Candy Corner in Kearsley says that a lot of elderly customers were after some old school traditional sweets.

After noticing that there were not many of these types of shops around or that some sweets were missing, she decided to expand her existing business, RS Vaping.

She said: “When I take my kids for things on a weekend and want to treat them to old traditional sweets, I found a couple, but they didn’t have some things.

“They are sweets that you can’t go to the corner shop for.

“It’s nice that kids can come in and try things that we used to try when we were little.

“We have a lot of elderly residents and quite a lot of customers that are at the age where they want to enjoy their traditional sweets.”

Whilst the shop is an existing vape store, Jenna says that the audience is aimed at families and the elderly generation rather than children.

And with a sign separating where vapes can be purchased, she has adressed concerns raised.

She said: “It wasn’t necessarily intended for kids, although we so stock certain sweets for kids.

“Most of the people that have come in the shop are families.

“There are also signs that say, ‘no under 18’s past this point’.”

The Bolton News:

Jenna says that she also wanted to add something to the community, which has meant that they have had some work done in the shop.

She said: “We wanted to add something to the community because there wasn’t really anything around.

“We have decorated and done some work, and we turned it into the Candy Corner."

Some of the traditional sweets people can expect to find include rhubarb and custard, bon bons, chocolate nibbles, Uncle Joe’s, sarsaparilla, and more.

The shop will be open from 9.30-5.30 Monday to Friday, and 9.30-5pm Saturday.

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