Bolton holidaymakers have been amongst those hit by the travel disruption, with one passenger waiting nine hours to find out her flight was cancelled.

It comes after tens of thousands more airline passengers suffered flight cancellations on Tuesday due to the knock-on impact of an air traffic control (ATC) fault.

Holidaymakers were hit by bank holiday travel delays, which started on Monday (August 28), when a UK air traffic control failure meant flight plans had to be inputted manually by controllers.

One resident from Farnworth says she was initially assured that her flight would be delayed and not cancelled, only to find out her flight was cancelled, after waiting at Manchester Airport for nine hours.

She says that she was left “fuming” after waiting for the holiday for some time.

She said: “We were assured that our flight would only be delayed, not cancelled.

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“So, I was waiting because I knew we would be flying at least, but around 7pm we got information saying to go to the gate.

“We had all been thinking that we were going be boarding soon, but we didn’t.

“We were waiting another hour by the gate when we got an email about the cancellation. “There was nothing else, no alternative flights whatsoever.

“After three hours of waiting we received vouchers for food.

“And the next flight which should be departing after ours went ahead, so why we couldn't go I don’t know.”

Sam Worsley from Tonge Fold says her, and her family have been “stuck” in Lanzarote, but says it could have been worse, and they have been put in a nice hotel.

The Bolton News: The hotel where Sam and her partner Neil Graham had to stayThe hotel where Sam and her partner Neil Graham had to stay (Image: Public)

She says it was a stressful experience until she got the news that her flight to Manchester Airport is on time, and she can come home today.

She said: “Luckily we have been put in Hotel Dreams Playa Dorada for the night, so we are just trying to enjoy it.

“It looks like our flight is on time so that’s a relief.

“It was very stressful until we got news on the flight home.

“People have had it a lot worse than us.

“We have a six-year-old with additional needs, so it’s been a challenge to manage that.”

Manchester Airport said that following the nationwide disruption, that there continues to be some delays and cancellations.

A spokesman said: “Please check the status of your flight with your airline before travelling to the airport.

“As our airlines look to accommodate passengers whose travel plans have been disrupted over the past 24 hours, our terminals may be busier than usual at times.

“We are working hard with our airlines and their handling agents to get you through the airport as smoothly as possible.

“We thank you for your understanding.”

The disruption started on Monday, when more than a quarter of flights at UK airports were cancelled.

National Air Traffic Services said at 3.15pm on Monday the problem was resolved, but disruption continued into Tuesday as many aircraft and crews were out of position.

Celebrities had their flights cancelled or delayed after air traffic control faults caused widespread disruption.

Burnley’s Jordan North, Bolton's Helen Flanagan and Christine McGuinness have all taken to social media to explain more about their experience.

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