Police have unveiled their new super bike in the fight against off-road bikers causing a nuisance in and around  Bolton.

The Surron Ultra Bee has been adapted to form part of the fleet to be used by the traffic police.

A spokesman for GMP Traffic said: "We've seen an addition to the fleet, the Surron Ultra Bee will be working alongside our fleet of bikes to help tackle anti social behaviour and there use in crime across GMP."

The bike model is believed to have a maximum speed of 56 miles per hour and is useful off road with the ability to travel on any terrain.

The quality of life of people in a number of areas in Bolton has been blighted by the use of off-road bikes, including Breightmet and local parks.

Last month police were called to a report of them in the area and despite getting there within 15 minutes the bikes had already left.

At the time of the incident police urged anyone who knew who was using off road bikes to report them.

Police also revealed earlier this year they were bidding for a specialist off-road unit being used across GMP to tackle the nuisance caused by scrambler bikes.

Officers highlighted New House Farm as well as Leverhulme Park as areas of concern and arranged a site visit with the community safety time.

Signs have also been set up in Hall i'th’Wood warning police had the power to seize off-road bikes being used illegally.

But police have said repeatedly the bikes are hard to pursue.

Chief Inspector Justine Topping said previously this was difficult.

She said: “Off Road Bikes is an issue that is reported an awful lot and an issue that is really difficult to deal with.

“Police officers often unable to do high speed pursuits in relation to motorbikes and to stop them.”

But she said people reporting them and using drones were ways in which they could be dealt with.