Police divers were called out after a truck was dumped in a Bolton river.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were called yesterday morning, September 4, to Woodside Place in Darcy Lever, off which a vehicle had been abandoned in the River Tonge.

Standard police vans and North West Police Underwater Search and Marine Unit vehicles could be seen on the street throughout the day, leaving in the afternoon according to residents.

A spokesperson for GMP said: "Officers were called at 7.51am on Monday, September 4, to Woodside Place. Upon arrival, they found a stolen vehicle had been abandoned in the River Tonge.

The Bolton News: Abandoned truckAbandoned truck (Image: Newsquest)

"The owner of the vehicle has been informed of this and the recovery service are now working with them to get it out.

"No injuries have been reported."

A local resident said: "On Sunday, at about teatime, we were sat having our tea and I noticed a 4x4 go towards the river. 

"Then at around 9.15pm, police turned up. There was also a flat bed and another 4x4 trying to get the car out, I've been told. 

"This morning I opened the curtains to see a police van across the road. 

"Police didn't go until this afternoon (Monday), they were here all morning." 

She continued: "It was just weird. Where the car is in the river, we call it Pebble Beach, it's all messed up now and muddy from where the car went in. 

The Bolton News: North West Police Underwater Search & Marine Unit on sceneNorth West Police Underwater Search & Marine Unit on scene (Image: Public)

"I normally take my grandchildren up there, but I won't be taking them up now."

Another resident said: "I noticed the police here at around 10am. They had the water squad out too. 

"But I heard voices and shouting last night, and there was a tow truck."