A new free service has launched to help Bolton residents lose weight and support them to 'live longer, healthier, and happier lives'.

ABL Health, has been commissioned by Bolton Council on a two year contract to provide 'Your Health Bolton', offering new and innovative weight loss services.

Nearly two-thirds of adults in Bolton were estimated to be overweight or obese last year.

Figures from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities show an estimated 65.9 per cent of over 18-year-olds in the borough were overweight or living with obesity in the year to November 2022.

ABL Healthcare is an established healthcare company based in Farnworth with a mission to reduce health inequalities and create a more flexible, person-centred approach to healthcare.

The Bolton News: Obesity

Your Health Bolton aims to help people lose weight sensibly, which is typically aimed at those people with a Body Mass Index between 25 and 34.5.

The focus is on attaining a healthy weight to prevent health problems developing in the future.

The new Your Health Bolton website is a go-to destination for friendly advice with tips on enhancing a healthy lifestyle, helping manage weight through exercise and healthy eating, plus ways to lead a healthier and happier life.

Tailored guidance is provided by specialist lifestyle advisors, guiding people towards better health and the sessions are accessible at venues across Bolton or online at www.yhbolton.co.uk.

Personal targeted support is provided from skilled staff and volunteers, promoting the benefits of self-care, helping people adapt healthier diets and lifestyles.

Staff will help people:

lose weight or limit weight gain

• be more active by meeting minimum daily activity levels for a health heart

• adopt healthier eating habits and eat more balanced meals

• access personalised weight management programmes that fit their dietary and cultural needs

• access targeted support in their own local community

There are options for having one to one support in person or help online and follow up motivational calls when required.

Also, the service aims to put people at ease and will work with clients to fit in with their busy schedules like caring for children, elderly relatives, a partner, or pets.

Flexible alternatives are always made available, and they provide support when needed.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing, Cllr Linda Thomas, said: “I’m delighted that ‘Your Health Bolton’ has been launched to help locals fight the battle against unhealthy weight and lifestyles.

“Losing a little weight is a challenge for most of us, but when it gets out of hand it can lead to serious life changing consequences such as diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

“The free 12-week weight loss programme is tailored to individual needs no matter what their lifestyle or dietary requirements are, particularly helping those at higher risk to adopt healthier diets, activities and lifestyles to protect their health in the future.

“I’d urge anyone with health conditions to talk to their GP first before starting a weight loss programme, and while a lot of GPs will directly refer patients to the new service anyone can register for support with the service at www.yhbolton.co.uk .”

Denise Leslie, founding member and CEO of ABL Health, said: "CEO, I am delighted to unveil 'Your Health Bolton' right here in our beloved hometown where our journey began with the establishment of our headquarters in 2009.

“This launch signifies a powerful commitment to our roots and a step forward in our mission to tackle health inequalities and enhance the health and well-being of the Bolton community.

“Our dedicated team, many of whom are proud Boltonians themselves, now have the opportunity to champion healthier lives for their families, friends, and neighbours.

“What can you expect from us? A friendly, non-judgmental service in the heart of your local community.”

The contract was approved following the council’s tendering process, and ABL Health were chosen ahead of six other healthcare companies.