A vehicle specialist company in Bolton has given tips on how to clean cars safely after dust from the Saharan desert covered cars this morning.

People in Bolton and all over the UK woke up to find their cars covered in a thin layer of dust with The Met Office predicted dust from the Sahara was travelling through the UK.

Enhance Bolton warned that this dust could damage paint on cars if not washed off safely with pre-washing before a contact wash.

The Bolton News: Enhance

Owner, Ben Rouse said: "We recommend people not to just wipe the dust off, it needs to be safely removed as just wiping it might create light scratches as it’s pushed into the paint.

“It needs to have a multiple step safe wash to ensure it is removed safely such as using a citrus pre cleaner which can either be sprayed on or used in a snowfoam, which will loosen the particles.

“The the objective is to try and get as much off before the contact wash.”

The Bolton News: Sahara dust

Enhance do not recommend people to use a cloth to wipe off the dust themselves.

The company which provides a variety of service, from professional valeting, detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating services, said employees came in to find the dust on client cars.

Ben said: “It took extra time this morning, but we are also used to dirty cars anyway.

“You just need to ensure you are removing the dust safely do it does not scratch the paint and get into the lacquer.

“The phone has not stopped ringing all morning, so we are just trying to advise people how to remove it.

“We have all the chemicals so people can get it from us or go to their nearest Halfords if they want to.”

The Bolton News: Enhance

After pre-washing, Ben recommends people use the two-bucket method with mitts, ensuring it is clean after every panel is cleaned to make sure the mitt is clean when using it on the car.

Saharan dust is a mixture of sand and dust from the Sahara Desert covering most of North Africa.

The wind can blow the dust up to the sky and transport around the world, where rain can bring it back down.

Enhance also provides a specialist cleaning service for anyone who wishes to use them instead.