An entrepreneur and restaurant owner has taken a break from his busy kitchens to pen his first book.

I Think I Want to Be a Chef, by James Gingell, offers an insider perspective into the world of an aspiring chef while also capturing the spirit of the culinary world. 

Drawing on his extensive 30 years of experience working in Italian restaurants, James is the co-owner of Tre Ciccio restaurants in Ramsbottom and Altrincham.

More recently, he embarked on a new culinary journey by opening a deli in the basement of his Ramsbottom restaurant.

With a successful career already established, James moved to set up his business, Stinky Chef, at Rawtenstall Market in 2019 and then moved on to open a shop in 2022.

Possessing an unwavering passion for food, he says he takes pride in selecting only the finest ingredients with unique stories to incorporate into his exceptional creations.

His Italian-influenced delicatessen perfectly reflects his dedication to culinary excellence and his hearty and flavourful food. 

In I Think I Want to Be a Chef, he shares his personal adventure as a chef, infused with witty anecdotes and heartfelt honesty.

This allows readers to experience the ups and downs of being a food enthusiast and immersing oneself in learning about and enjoying good food.

James said: "After four years in the making, trying to collate all the pinnacle moments as a chef, remembering stories, characters and dishes, I am over the moon to finally hold my first book and put it in my Stinky Chef Deli and Tre Ciccio restaurants! What a moment. "

The Bolton News:

Beyond the cooking world, I Think I Want to Be a Chef caters to an array of audiences - individuals seeking inspiration, people at a defining point in their lives, cooking enthusiasts looking for insights, or anyone who enjoys a genuine story.

To celebrate the book's debut in Lancashire and beyond, the chef and his team have recently revealed exclusive supper club dates where he will feature his signature dishes at his restaurant, Tre Ciccio.

The book is now available at local bookstores, online retailers, and through the official website -

Check out for Supper Club information.