A man from Bolton assaulted his ex-partner and grew cannabis at his home.

Lewis O'Boyle, 28, attacked his ex-partner and the mother of his child on two occasions, threw a missile at a friend and had been growing cannabis plants at his home, as well as committing other offences.

Rachel Widdicombe, prosecuting, said: "One victim had been in a three-year relationship with the defendant, they have a child together.

"The relationship came to an end in Spring 2022."

Bolton Crown Court heard how, on April 19 this year, O'Boyle confronted his ex-partner at her home.

The court heard that the victim said she would call the police and drove off, hoping he would leave.

Due to his demeanour, she believed he was under the influence of "drink and drugs".

Ms Widdicombe said: "She returned home around five to 10 minutes later. The back door had been left open and she heard noises upstairs.

"She went into her bedroom and the defendant jumped out of a wardrobe where he had been hiding, pinning her down on the bed and grabbing her neck. He shouted at her again, accusing her of seeing other men.

"She shouted for him to get off, which he did, and ran downstairs, shouting at him to get out."

O'Boyle, of Ladyshore Road, Little Lever, was arrested shortly after the attack and denied the offence.

He was released on bail and ordered not to contact his ex-partner or to attend her home.

On July 8 this year, O'Boyle went to see a friend at her house while still on bail for the previous offence.

Ms Widdicombe said: "In the early hours of July 8, the defendant went to see a friend at her house. The next day, she realised her car and car keys had gone. She had not given him permission to take it, and it came back damaged."

Later that day, his ex-partner was upstairs in her bedroom when she heard "banging" and saw the defendant trying to get in through her window, the court heard. 

She went to the window, "pushing him away" and attempted to shut the window, finding the handle had been snapped off.

She went downstairs to see if he had gone, the court was told.

Ms Widdicombe added: "As she opened the front door, he hit her with a clenched fist to the right side of her face."

He then returned to the friend's house in the car.

Ms Widdicombe said: "The defendant went back to the house and apologised to her.

"He didn't reference taking the car, but had the key in his hand.

"She was on the phone to his mother when he threw a can of Fanta at her leg, causing a bruise."

Following this he was arrested, telling the police: "I'll be honest mate, I am growing cannabis in the house."

Upon attending his house, police found "30-40" plants, as well as lights and transformers.

The court heard he previously had seven convictions for 17 offences and had a "history of violence" when he was younger.

Defending, Colin Buckle said: "He is 28, but a very young 28. He has very poor decision making.

"He effectively left school when he was 11, starting work at 13 at Metro Salvage, a large scrapyard. He is a physically fit individual who can go out and work."

He added: "He reacts spontaneously, quickly and without thought, which led him to launch this can."

O'Boyle pleaded guilty to assault by beating, two charges of actual bodily harm, a breach of a non-molestation order, production of cannabis, criminal damage and two driving-related offences. 

Judge Nicholas Clarke sentenced O'Boyle to two years and eight months. He also granted a 10 year restraining order preventing him from seeing his ex-partner and a 25-month ban from driving, as well as reiterating a mandatory extended retest from a previous offence.