A family are desperately looking for their pet tortoise, after he went missing earlier this month.

Oleg is a 12-year-old tortoise belonging to Claire Kirkman and her family.

But as of Sunday, September 10, Oleg has been missing from the family home in Chew Moor, Bolton.

The family adopted the dwarf Horsfield tortoise three years ago and he has now become a beloved addition to their household.

Oleg was last seen in the house sitting by the back door, but Claire says was usual behaviour for the tortoise who would not usually go down the steps and out the door but would turn back around.

The Bolton News: Oleg the Tortoise

Claire said: “He was in the house on Sunday and was doing his normal routine of just strolling around the downstairs, the back door was left open as it was warm, however he would never normally attempt to go out as we have several big steps out the back door.

“He would usually just sit looking out the door and then walk away back into the dining room where he spends most of his time.”

But the family have been unable to find him since Sunday afternoon and think he may have escaped from the back.

The Bolton News: Oleg the Tortoise

Claire said: “We have searched all the downstairs several times and we cannot find him in the house anywhere, so the only explanation would be he has managed to somehow get out and down the steps.

“We have searched the garden and surrounding areas where he could have possibly got into.

“We are aware they can sometimes dig down into the soil and he is only the size of an outstretched adult hand so would be difficult to spot.

“However, he is not in our garden or anywhere around the area that we can see.”

Claire’s children are looking for the tortoise every day, upset that they cannot find him.

She said: “The children are really upset and looking for him every day, and the weather has got a little colder, so we just want him home safe and sound.

“If people could kindly keep an eye out around the Chew Moor area it would be much appreciated by the family.”

The family also have an older and bigger tortoise who is much slower and docile.