A family festival is on track to welcome visitors from across the area after the venue received a licence for the event.

The first Festival of Horwich is at Horwich RMI next weekend and there is the intention for it to be on once a year.

On Friday, eight days before the event, a committee of councillors Amy Cowen, David Chadwick and Debbie Newall was asked to consider an application for a licence for outdoor music. The venue holds a licence for indoor music already.

The application for a licence for outdoor music was opposed by four residents, who were worried about the impact on them, but it was supported by 68 residents as well as the team responsible for the first Festival of Horwich themselves.

Jimmy Hickey, for Horwich RMI, said: "We have had the licence for 20 years and we have had no problem with it. 

"We were approached by Horwich Council to host a festival and that's the purpose of the application this morning."

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David Grant, who sits on Bolton Council and Horwich Council, and Kathryn Grant, who sits on the event committee, spoke in support of the event as well.

They said the lateness of the application was because the arrangements for the Festival of Horwich could not be confirmed until after the election in spring.

Cllr Grant said: "It is important we get this right because we've got the reputation of the club and we've got the reputation of the council.

"It is an event for everybody to come together."

Dr Grant said: "It is an event of which Horwich can be proud.

"I realise we're applying late and we're apologising for this."

Cllr Cowen, Cllr Chadwick and Cllr Newall retired to consider whether to approve the application. Cllr Newall offered a clue to the outcome when she said of the event "I want one in Kearsley".

The Festival of Horwich received a licence for outdoor music between 12pm and 10pm on up to three occasions per year, subject to certain conditions requested by Environmental Services.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.