Residents in Bury have been left baffled after spotting a bright-pink pigeon on the streets of the town centre.

The pigeon, whose feathers have turned a bright shade of fuchsia, has been seen by residents throughout the town, with many speculating about how it could have received its very unusual make-over.

Even Greater Manchester Police say its officers saw the bird while out on patrol in Bury town centre.

The Bolton News: The pink pigeon in Bury town centreThe pink pigeon in Bury town centre (Image: Newsquest)

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While there is a breed of bird called a pink pigeon, this avian species is native to the island of Mauritius and is much more rare than the rock doves commonly found in our towns and cities.

Its not the first time a bird with such a unique plumage has visited the area. In 2014, a similar pigeon was seen landing on rooftops on a street in, Breightmet, Bolton.

Other residents who have seen the pigeon say they don’t know exactly how the bird came upon its new look but have a few ideas as to what may have happened.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, one said: “When I worked in Miles Platting there were bright blue ones that had become dyed by the nearby paint factory.

Another added that they’d also seen the bird and said: “I saw it on Monday. Apparently they release them at weddings.”

Another said: “Believe it was used in a gender reveal hence the hot pink. Seen several times.

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On Friday, officers from GMP Bury North posted their own snap of the bird, who appeared to be behaving as normal amongst its grey pigeon peers.

It said: “Officers are out on foot patrol this afternoon as part of #OpHeartbeat Officers quickly came across a rare pink pigeon in the town centre.

"Have you seen Bury's pink pigeon yet? Let us know & come and say hi when you spot us.”