The oldest swingers’ band in town is on the lookout for some new recruits in a bid to keep them going.

The Last of the Summer Wind got together in the late 70s/early 80s, and at one point there were 12 musicians.

But now, trombone player and band secretary Ian McGuiness says this has decreased a lot, and they are in need of a drummer and a trumpet player or several trumpet players.

The band is currently made up of just nine members, which Ian – who lives in Egerton - says is not enough.

Ian said: “It’s an important part of our week and I love the comradery of it, and it fits into your lifestyle.

“It’s great for friendships and health too, physically, and mentally.

The Bolton News: Performing in Bolton town centre in the 1990sPerforming in Bolton town centre in the 1990s (Image: Public)“We subscribe to the theory that music therapy helps to ward off dementia, and the motto is The motto is ‘old people are the future’.

“It’s a privilege to have been invited to play.

“I only started playing when I retired 15 years ago.”

Ian has been playing the trombone for around 12 years, and first joined the band eight years ago, which he says was the “perfect antidote” to 40 plus years of working as a chartered accountant.

He said: “It’s authentic dance band music for all the people who used to love to dance, symbolic of after the war.”

The group typically play vintage and authentic dance band music, which Ian says is reminiscent of Blackpool Tower and Winter Gardens.

The Bolton News:

There has been no stopping the pensioners over the years - aged between 60 to 86 - who proved to be an internet hit on Youtube having been assembled by the BBC to record a cover of The Who hit ‘My Generation’.

The band formed after a programme by Bolton Community Education Service was developed to encourage older people to pick up an instrument.

The band are also keen for any keyboard players/pianists to also join.

Ian added: “When I joined the ensemble, we had four trumpet players, so we need to boost the number of trumpet players we have.

“We play for an hour and a half, and half of that time is spent talking.

“We play for our own passion.

“We are also of an age where there may be hospital appointments.”

The band get together on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm-2.30pm at the Parish Church of Saint Bede on Chilham Street, Bolton.

To get involved in the band contact Ken Kelly on 01204 651 411 or call Ian on 01204 303 971.