A councillor is calling for faded road markings to be repainted as a matter of urgency after another crash took place at a notorious ‘accident hotspot’.

The accident happene on Wednesday at 5pm at what residents say is the same spot as the last crash  - the crossroad of Auburn Street and Range Street.

This is the third accident in the last month at the junction.

The accident was between two cars.

The Bolton News: Auburn Street and Range Street accident

People living nearby are already frustrated with the delay in re-drawing the give-way line as they say it is causing accidents as motorists do not  always realise they should stop.

Naz Ahmed said: “It's absolutely ridiculous and we are fed up with the council not taking action.

“They said they are going to sort the lines out within three weeks, but there can be a fatality in that time.

“It’s really scary living around here and when you hear an accident you just hope and pray a kid has not been involved.

“It’s just a hotspot for accidents here now.”

The Bolton News: Auburn Street and Range Street accident

Mr Ahmed did not see the accident happen but says when he looked outside, he saw the cars, that he says will be a write-off.

Labour Cllr Abdul Atcha for the Rumworth ward, previously told The Bolton News that the council highways team were looking at re-painting the faded lines in two to three weeks.

Cllr Atcha is now lobbying for a give-way sign to make it clear to drivers.

He said: “The council highways department will redraw the lines as soon as possible.

“Given the frequency of the accidents, I am looking at pushing the installation of give-way signage to help deter accidents.

“People who live here may know to stop but people drive from other parts of Bolton to get to places near here so they may be the ones to not realise they need to stop, so the signs will go a long way in helping to prevent these accidents.”

It comes just a week after another accident was reported on the same street.

Emergency services were called to Auburn Street in Daubhill just before 6pm on September 14 after a crash involving a number of cars.

Pictures from the scene showed a car had hit a wall as a result of the collision involving a Range Rover.

GMP have been approached for comment.