A driving route within an hour of Bolton has been named the most scenic in Europe this autumn.

If you’re looking for the ideal driving route for a road trip with loved ones this year, look no further as travel experts at StressFreeCarRental have researched the most scenic in Europe.

From the famously beautiful Col de la Machine, a French balcony road, to the Chiantigiana which connects Florence to Siena, there are plenty of drives that are worth it for the views.

Roads running through some of the UK’s most beautiful locations also make the top 8, including Snake Pass in the Peak District.

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Snake Pass named most scenic drive in Europe

The travel experts described the journey along the A27 towards Snake Pass as “a winding and steep one between Manchester and Sheffield”.

They added that drivers can expect to see moorland and forested areas between the region’s peaks.

The experts explained why it makes for a scenic autumnal drive, saying: “The 26-mile road is one of Britain's most scenic because it reaches heights of 1700 feet above sea level, treating drivers to fantastic views of vast and desolate moorlands where there is an unspoilt sense of nature and remoteness.

The Pass has beautiful green hills on each side and runs along the river Ashop which turns a mix of orange, red and brown as Autumn sweeps in.”

8 most scenic drives in Europe this autumn

  1. England: Snake Pass, Derbyshire
  2. Ireland: Inagh Valley Road, Galway
  3. Scotland: Invermoriston to Dornie
  4. Wales: Snowdonia Road Trip
  5. France: Col de la Machine
  6. Germany: The Alpine Route
  7. Romania: Cheile Gradistei
  8. Italy: The Chiantigiana

For more information on autumn drives, you can visit the StressFreeCarRental website.

A spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental said: “For those planning a driving holiday in Europe this Autumn we have unearthed what we think are the eight most beautiful drives the continent has to offer.

“Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season of the year, and it is also a great time to plan a road trip with the summer traffic jams a distant memory and the summer tourists now returned home.

“The UK has some of the best road trips in the world thanks to its well-maintained rural roads, making it easy to explore the transforming landscapes.

“From mountain ranges in Snowdonia, Wales, to picture-perfect islands of pine trees in Derryclare Lough, Ireland, these are the drives that will get nature lovers really excited.

“For those heading further afield, the Chiantigiana road in Italy is the perfect place to experience the changing colours of vineyards, leaves and trees.”