A Bolton school which has seen calls for more buses to serve its pupils will not receive a new bus to add to the service.

Earlier this month, The Bolton News reported that buses serving Turton School were 'very full', leading to pupils being stranded.

School officials and parents alike called for there to be an additional 926 service to meet demand, with the bus reportedly having been seen to be full.

However, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has said that it will not be providing an extra vehicle at this time.

A TfGM spokesperson said: “We are aware of ongoing issues with capacity on the 926 service which serves pupils at Turton School, and we remain in dialogue with the school and parents to provide travel advice and information for alternative bus services.

The Bolton News: A Bee Network busA Bee Network bus (Image: Newsquest)

“Due to a low bridge on Turton Road, it is not possible for a double-deck bus to be used on the 926 route without requiring a lengthy diversion, and as such the service can only be operated using a 70-capacity single-deck vehicle.

"It is also unfortunately not possible to allocate an extra vehicle to this service at this time.

“There are alternative services available on the public bus network from Harwood to Turton School, and I would encourage pupils and parents to check both TfGM and Turton School’s website for more details.”

Speaking last Wednesday, Steph Kennealy, whose daughter attends Turton, said: "My daughter was left stranded at the bus stop again this morning after the 926 drove past her and her friend, both in year 7.

"It is absolutely disgusting, there were four buses running when I was at the school, two 926s and two 927s.

The Bolton News: Turton SchoolTurton School

"Moving from the familiar surroundings of primary school to a high school is a big enough change for the children as it is, without the added worry of if they can even get there, it's an absolute joke.

"My main concern is the safety of my daughter, her being left with no alternative but to walk makes her vulnerable to the possibility of attack or being involved in an accident due to the busy roads she has to encounter to get there.

"I feel the two bus suggestion for children of her age is ridiculous, not forgetting all the extra costs to this." 

Parents and Turton School officials previously said how they have been told by TfGM that there is an alternative route to the 926 bus, but that it involves catching two buses as opposed to one and takes longer.