Bolton Pride is set to celebrate its 10th birthday next year and festival directors have already announced the name of one of their main hosts.

Maura Jackson, chief executive of the young homelessness charity, Back-Up North West, will be one of the hosts for next year’s Pride event.

Having missed out on the opportunity this year due to other commitments, Maura said she is beyond excited to take part in the event based in her hometown that ‘promotes inclusion and love’.

Speaking about the news, Maura said: “Kev and Rob (Wright, festival directors) had seen on my LinkedIn my growing comedy work and event hosting and asked me to do 2023 but I was out of the country and couldn’t do it.

“I said I definitely wanted 2024! 

“I am thrilled, so happy, it is a huge honour for me to do this and be part of something in my home town that promotes inclusion and love.  

“It fits with my personal values and my day job. 

The Bolton News: Maura has recently taken up comedyMaura has recently taken up comedy (Image: Maura Jackson)“At Bolton Pride I will be hosting the event, making guests and entertainers feel relaxed, have some fun, entertain the crowds, acknowledge the amazing event as it unfolds, engage the audience where appropriate and I can’t sing but I’ll do the backing stuff!! Might mime! 

“I want people to feel they know what’s happening, engaged and they want to take part.

“This will be amazing, on the main stage in my home town, with music, fabulous folk and ensuring everyone understands the theme and serious underlying message of inclusion and safety, giving those that take part some kudos and making them feel a million dollars.”

Kev said himself and Rob are excited to have Maura as part of the Pride team.

He said: “It is our 10th year anniversary next year and we have already secured a local well-known person, Maura Jackson from Backup North West, who is going to be one of our hosts next year.

“She is on board for 2024, she is really excited, and she is growing her repertoire, growing her stand-up routine.

“So, she is taking the challenge and she is going to be one of our hosts next year.

“Maura is growing her comedy career, but she will keep it family friendly, but she is really excited and a bit nervous.

“This is one of the big things for next year so it’s really exciting.”

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