A social club in Bolton has been gifted a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment.

Hilltops Social Club on Hill Lane, Blackrod, has received a new defibrillator, which could potentially save lives in the town.

The social club was chosen as the location due to its proximity to the shopping area in Blackrod.

It was donated by The Hawthorns Venue, having been paid for by fundraisers at the social club and a donation by Blackrod Town Council.

A spokesperson for the council said: "The Hilltops Social Club in Blackrod has received a generous donation of a defibrillator from Hawthorns Venue Blackrod.

"This life-saving device will be installed at the north end of Blackrod, conveniently located near the shopping area.

"The decision to place the defibrillator at this location was made in order to ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible in case of an emergency and following two incidents at the club."

They added: "The installation of this defibrillator was made possible by the fundraising efforts of several events organised by the Hilltops Social Club and a donation by Blackrod Town Council.

"Thanks to the hard work and generosity of all involved, the Hilltops Social Club now has a potentially life-saving device at its disposal in case of an emergency."