A woman is set to release a new children's book, taking inspiration from stories she was told as a child by her grandfather.

When Laura Woodcock was a child, she was always told stories by her grandfather, creating characters and worlds to engage her young mind.

Now aged 31, Laura, from Tonge Fold, has been passing on her family's flair for storytelling, telling her own son made-up stories inspired by her relative.

One of those stories is now being turned into her debut book, entitled "The Adventures of Whoopsy, Daisy and Snapper".

The Bolton News: Laura and her son, James JakaraLaura and her son, James Jakara (Image: Public)

The tale follows three puppies as they adventure to a cave in a hunt for buried treasure.

Laura said: "It is something I wrote a couple of years ago.

"It was inspired by stories my granddad used to tell me, when we would go on holiday he would tell me made up stories with characters that go on adventures.

"I wrote one based on a story of his I remembered a lot of, and I have finally taken the plunge to get it illustrated. 

"My son is only three, but he has got quite a strong imagination already, so he was obsessed with reading the same books over and over again."

The Bolton News: An illustration from the bookAn illustration from the book (Image: Abi Gregg)

She added: "Then one day, I sat down and started telling him this story. He seemed to lean into it, getting interested.

"It made me think if I had an actual picture book in front of him then he would have been more involved.

"As I was making it up as I went along, I thought I should write it down quickly.

"Abi Gregg did the illustrations, but there are a couple to finish up so we are looking at the end of November for an official release."

Laura will be reading the book at Bolton Trampoline Club on Saturday, October 28, with children who attend invited to try the trampolines afterwards.

The Bolton News: A poster for the reading at Bolton Trampoline ClubA poster for the reading at Bolton Trampoline Club (Image: Public)

She said: "It is a completely free event. They are giving the option for any children who come to the reading to be able to trial the trampolines.

"We have put it on Amazon as an E-book, it can be pre-ordered."

To pre-order the book on Amazon, visit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CHQXWCDY 

To attend the reading at Bolton Trampoline Club, contact them on 01204 890705 or Laura on 07719 844952. 

To find out more about Abi Gregg's illustration, visit: https://nuttyassquirrel.co.uk/