Bolton News Camera Club member Amy Nolan-Podmore captured these stunning pictures of the Harvest Moon last night.

The Harvest Moon occurs before the autumn equinox, which signals the start of the new season, as we move on from the summer months.

The moon appears especially bright with a shadow like glow surrounding it.



The Bolton News:

According to the sun emits light across all the visible colours in the electromagnetic spectrum fairly evenly, and when these come together in sunlight the sun appears white.

They explained: “This is useful because if this balance was thrown off colours less favoured would be difficult to see.”

Also known as the full corn moon, September’s full moon appeared in the sky on September 29.

The full moon closest to the equinox is always called the Harvest Moon.

This is because the moon during the autumn equinox was bright enough to allow farmers to work late, so they could bring their crops home.

Although this full moon normally falls in September, sometimes the October full moon is closer to the equinox, which means it will then be known as the Harvest moon.

The best chance of seeing a full moon is on a clear night away from any light pollution.

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