A scheme to build a new telegraph pole in “pleasant neighbourhood area” has been blocked.

The plan originally sought permission to put the 18m pole up on Bradford Road in Farnworth at the junction with Minerva Road.

But proposals like this have sparked major controversies across Bolton in recent months.

Cllr Sue Harworth, of Farnworth North, said: “The junction area of Bradford Road and Minerva Road is a pleasant area in the neighbourhood with much space and light.

“It is an area many of our residents walk as they use shops on Minerva Road walking up to the secondary school and the NHS site.

The Bolton News: The proposed pole would have been 18m highThe proposed pole would have been 18m high (Image: Cignal Infrastructure UK Ltd)

“We want to improve this junction area with some flower boxes, or stands for flowers as we can, as residents have made this request in the past.

“Residents will be hugely opposed to incongruous digital equipment going in here in the red line area.”

She added: “This very tall hard grey plastic monopole goes much higher than house roofs.

“It is an incongruous structure with the street scene here.

“Three sizeable cabinets are also applied for as street furniture.

“It is not a good place at all that is applied for at this pavement area.”

The Bolton News: Bradford Road, FarnworthBradford Road, Farnworth (Image: Google Maps)

As well as the pole itself, the proposal also included plans for six antennas and three equipment cabinets.

A Bolton Council report agreed with many of Cllr Howarth’s concerns and said that the pole would be “prominent” when seen by people driving up and down Bradford Road.

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The report said: “The mast itself would form an incongruous feature within the street scene which would be over twice the height of surrounding dwellings.

“There are no other structures of a similar height or appearance in the immediate vicinity that would serve to mitigate this impact.

“According to the information submitted with the application, the mast would not be shrouded or camouflaged.

“Taking all these factors into account, it is considered that the mast, by virtue of its height, siting and appearance would have an undue impact on the character and appearance of the site and the surrounding area and the street scene.”

Bolton Council officers decided to refuse the plan.