The Home Secretary Suella Braverman has left members of the public in shock after photos appeared to show her standing on the tail of a Guide Dog.

The incident took place at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester whilst Bravemen was talking to members of Guide Dogs at their stand.

In the images shared on X, formerly Twitter, the post shared by Alexander Brown, shows the Home Secretary's heel on the dog's tail. 

Captioning the post "Not to be all insane moments in British politics, but here's Suella Braverman standing on a dog."

With a second zoomed-in image attached, it seems to show that the heel was on the Guide Dogs tail and not the blue carpet.

Suella Braverman stands on Guide Dogs tail at Tory Party Conference

The post quickly caught some buzz, gaining hundreds of thousands of views and many X users unhappy with the Home Secretary.

As one user wrote: "Not just a dog, but a magnificent, regal and patient Labrador."

Some thought the images were fitting to go with a nickname given to the Home Secretary by some opposing views.

As many referred to Braverman as "Cruella", with one X user shared: "OMG ... and her first name is pretty much the only name that rhymes with Cruella."

Others suggested that the heel was not on the Guide Dogs tail as one user wrote: "Surely the heel is on just hair, right?".

Whislt another shared: "The surface area of the bottom of the heel is so small I think if the photo was lightened it would possibly show the tail resting right up against the heel, not under it."