A black BMW was seized in Farnworth after the driver was arrested for dangerous driving and in possession of drugs.

Traffic police pursued the driver, who had only recently left custody, and had crashed his car on October 5.

The BMW 118 driver was seen to be trying to hide his stash of drugs but police found them, and arrested him for dangerous driving and posession with intent to supply a Class A drug.

It came moments before the traffic police had stopped a car in Swinton and arrested two men who were wanted.

A spokesman for police said: "And having just let custody... #RPTF would then pursue this BMW 118 in Farnworth.

The Bolton News: GMP Traffic pursue car

"The driver tried to discard his stash of drugs but was arrested and the items recovered. Hes now in custody awaiting interview for Dangerous Driving and PWITS Class A. The car was seized S165!

Earlier in the day, police had stopped a Ford Transit and the driver was arrested for not appearing in court.

When his friend came to check on him, it was found he too, had been wanted, and both were subsequently arrested.

A spokesman for police said: "It was another busy day for our #RPTF patrols.

"Earlier today a Ford Transit was stopped in Swinton.

"The driver was arrested having failed to appear at court. Enquiries showed his friend, who came over to check on him, was also wanted! Both detained and off to court in the morning."