Police are urging victims of a hate crime to report it, following the recent escalation of bombings in Israel and the occupied territories of Palestine.

Police said they are working with local authorities across Greater Manchester and the Community Safety Trust, to assess the impact of international events on local communities.

Additional officers have been deployed to key locations to 'reassure those who live, work, or study nearby; to prevent crime; and to ensure an efficient response to any incidents which are reported'.

Hundreds have been killed and hundreds more injured following the recent Hamas attack and the bombings of Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force.

Superintendent Rachael Harrison said: “This is an extremely worrying time for some of our communities and our thoughts are with those who are affected. Police said they also are ‘doing everything they can to keep people safe and ensure they feel reassured by our presence’. “Our Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Force Intelligence Bureau are monitoring the situation in each of our districts to inform our plans. Whilst specialist resources are helping us to prepare for any events – like vigils and protests, ensuring they are proportionately policed.

“Additional officers are already patrolling key locations to prevent crime and respond to incidents. Anyone who has concerns should know that they can approach them directly, but they are also contactable via the ‘Your Area’ pages of our website – gmp.police.uk.

“If you feel that you are a victim of hate crime, please be assured that we know how traumatic this can be and that we really want you to report it to us. We are committed to taking action against offenders and safeguarding our communities, people, and property.”

GMP can be contacted via gmp.police.uk or 101. In an emergency, always dial 999. Anonymous reports can be made via the independent charity – Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.