A primary school in Farnworth has been rated 'good' in all areas after an inspection by the education watchdog.

Queensbridge Primary School on St Germain Street was handed the rating after an Ofsted inspection on July 18 and 19.

According to inspectors, Sue Dymond, His Majesty’s Inspector, and Amy Burkes, Ofsted inspector, the school is "good" in the areas of its quality of education, the behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and early years provision.

The report said: “Pupils feel cared for and valued during their time in school.

“They live up to leaders’ high expectations for their behaviour by following the school rules and thinking of others.

“Pupils’ positive conduct helps to create a calm and orderly learning environment.”

As well as making pupils feel safe, the school has been praised for its education.

The report states: “Leaders and staff expect pupils to succeed academically.

“Pupils try their best and work hard.

“Leaders have carefully considered the needs and interests of pupils in their curriculum design.

“To this end, leaders have created a well-ordered curriculum that begins in the early years.”

Leaders were also praised for being able to identify pupils' additional needs.

The report added: “Leaders identify pupils’ additional needs quickly. They also work with a range of professionals to support pupils with SEND consistently well.

“Pupils in the specially resourced provision for pupils with SEND (specially resourced provision) benefit from a carefully crafted curriculum.

“This helps these pupils to achieve well. Pupils in the specially resourced provision are suitably prepared for their next steps.”

According to the report, the arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

During the visit, inspectors also found ways in which the school needs to improve.

The report said: “Some staff are unclear about how to deliver aspects of the revised subject curriculums.

“This hinders how well some pupils learn new knowledge in these subjects.

“Leaders should ensure that staff receive the support that they need to deliver new subject curriculums consistently well.

“In a few subjects, teachers’ checks on pupils’ learning do not fully identify where some pupils have gaps in their knowledge.

“Sometimes, pupils have insecure foundations on which to build new learning.

“Leaders should ensure that teachers use effective strategies to check that pupils have understood and remembered what they have been taught.”

Louise Chapman, headteacher of Queensbridge, said: "I am absolutely delighted.

"The staff team and whole community have shown their absolute commitment to getting it right for those that matter the most- our children.

"I'm equally proud that this determination has continued since our recent Ofsted visit.

"On Monday October 9, we officially opened our new outdoor classroom and pond area which will further improve the educational experiences for our children."

Carol Burrow, Chair of Governors, said: "The Governing body are extremely proud of the efforts of the whole Queensbridge team and we are excited about the future for our children." 

This was the first routine inspection the school received since the pandemic began.

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