Party conference season is always a cause of great excitement for members, activists and the media. 

This year sees the start of a long political war of attrition heading into next year’s October/November general election.  It will be mind numbing in many ways but there will always be a few exciting moments.

Even though the two main conferences have finished it does not mean that the season is over.  The SNP still has theirs to come, and it started in a most uplifting way for anyone who cares about the union of our Kingdom.

Dr Lisa Cameron, who was first elected in 2015 so was part of the same new intake that I was in, has decided to move from the divisive nationalist party of Scotland to the pro-union Conservative Party.

An individual moving makes little difference in terms of Parliament, but it does mean a huge amount in terms of morale and momentum. 

People seeing the problems with the SNP reckon that Labour will make a massive return in Scotland and herald their victory in our general election.

This has always been misleading and is a political message pushed by Labour.  They want to get away from the more honest view that if Sir Keir becomes Prime Minister that he can only do it in coalition with the SNP.

The Prime Minister had a good conference and we are beginning to see Labour set out their points of division. 

The Conservatives support the opening of a huge North Sea Rose Bank oil and gas field and Labour oppose it and will undermine our whole North Sea industry and 200,000 jobs by stamping out any more exploration.

Conservatives are pushing back against the 2030 end to new petrol and diesel cars whilst Labour will re-introduce the ban, damage the car industry and send our manufacturing industry overseas.

Rishi Sunak, having stabilised our national politics and our economic outlook is now delivering a growth agenda which is why our economy is in a better position than the French and German’s.

Plenty more to do though.