Yesterday’s rally in support of Palestine brought at least two thousand people to Bolton town centre.

Photographer Henry Lisowski captured the day’s events as the demonstrators began at Queens Park before making their way to Victoria Square.

The Bolton News: The marchers headed up Spa RoadThe marchers headed up Spa Road (Image: Henry Lisowski)

Once at the square, attendees across a wide range of age groups heard speeches from the town hall.

Unison’s Andrea Egan, one of many speakers, said: “As a Bolton community, we must call by all means for an immediate ceasefire.

“That means the immediate release of Israeli hostages.

“That means ending the siege of Gaza and that means recognising the underlying roots of this tragic cycle of violence, the enduring occupation of the Palestinian people.”

She added: “The only path to a just and lasting peace is an end to the occupation.

“Until this is achieved, we will continue to mourn the tragic loss of life, Israeli and Palestinian

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The march from Queens Park to Victoria Square saw flags and banners displayed, with songs and slogans chanted in support of the people of Palestine.

They had been moved to attend the rally after the recent violence in the Middle East which has seen civilian casualties soar.

Similar rallies have been held throughout the region and nationally.