I went to Five Guys for the first time, and this is one tip I would give to people who also want to take a visit...

American burger chain Five Guys opened at Middlebrook Retail & Leisure Park on Monday October 16 with people from across the borough flocking to try out the new place.

I have never been to Five Guys, so I decided to take a trip and it definitely exceeded my expectations but there is one tip I would give to people and that is to not order too much!

There is plenty to choose from with eight burger options, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, drinks and milkshakes with 15 free toppings to choose from too.

I had the little bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, ketchup, and pickles as toppings which was priced at £8.95, with a portion of regular fries to share with my friend which were priced at £5.45 and my friend had a grilled cheese sandwich priced at £4.95.

And despite the burger being called 'little' it was the perfect portion size, and we should have ordered a small fries instead.

The Bolton News: Little bacon cheeseburger, regular fries and freestyle drinkLittle bacon cheeseburger, regular fries and freestyle drink (Image: NQ)

I ordered a portion of the regular fries for two of us and it would have easily served three or four people instead, so definitely size down if you're going on your own.

The food is fresh, made in front of the customer so you can see the process that goes behind perfecting a burger which is a nice addition and there are hundreds of drink options on the Coca Cola Freestyle drinks machine.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived as I had heard others saying how good the food was but didn’t want my expectations to be too high, but the food exceeded my expectations and was even better than I imagined.

The burger was delicious, sometimes beef patties can be rather dry and not tasty, but this patty was cooked to perfection. It had a great flavour and the size of the burger, considering it was classed as a little burger, was a great portion size.

The fries were salty but not over-powering and I really liked that I could pick what drink I wanted because of all the options.

Not only was the food amazing, from arrival, the service was exceptional with staff helping you right from the till up until leaving.

The staff explained everything on the menu and for someone who has never been to the eatery it was really helpful.

Some burgers are on the pricier side with a bacon cheeseburger priced at £10.95, but they are worth it for the size and taste value you get.

As well as the refills drinks priced at £4.25, there are Five Guys shakes priced at £5.75 and there is even an option to have bacon mixed in.

The eatery is really well set out, clean, and the food was delicious – I would definitely return.

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