Police found a cannabis farm when they attended at the home of a suspected shoplifter in Bolton this week.

The town’s neighbourhood team were taking part in the safer business action week.

As part of this they visited the home of someone they believed to have been stealing from shops on Monday.

While there they found a cannabis grow which was seized.

They also gathered further intelligence about shoplifting in the area.

They later carried out patrols and interviewed suspects.

Police found three wanted individuals in a week and secured charges for theft, shoplifting and assault.

The shoplifting team is working with store owners to tackle criminality around retail hotspots.

Police are also promoting Shop Kind, a campaign which aims to promote respect to retail workers.

Officers launched a campaign earlier this year to tackle shoplifting.

Many retail workers in Bolton spoke about the terrible effect it had on their business.

A number of shoplifters have recently been penalised by the courts.

The Office for National Statistics has reported in the year to September shoplifting had risen 22 per cent.

Inspector Keiron Maddocks, from Greater Manchester Police’s Bolton Neighbourhood Team, welcomed the outcomes from this week.

He said: “As part of Safer Business Week, we are committed to clamping down on shoplifting and all business crime across Bolton. Our dedicated teams will already be out and about and we will continue to support stores to tackle shoplifters and those who abuse workers in our town.”

He also urged people with information to get in touch with police.

He added: “If you have any information about shoplifting, or those who you suspect of engaging in the crime, then please contact us. You can contact police on 101, or anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”