A pensioner has spoken of her anger and frustration after she said her bin was broken while being emptied - but she would have to fork out the cost of a new one.

Janice Cryer, 70, who lives on Cemetery Road in Tonge Fold has said she has been left feeling ‘so angry’ after  council officers said she would have to pay for a new one as she had no evidence to show how the bin broke

Janice told The Bolton News that she ‘isn’t a liar’ and she just wants her bin, which she did not break, replaced.

And she also wants Bolton Council to also ask residents to not put their bins at the side of her property because she ‘doesn’t want them piling up’ causing her an obstruction.

Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and is continuing to undergo treatment and has also has osteoporosis, and said she she doesn’t want to have to deal with bins when she is unwell.

Janice said: “My bin was supposed to be emptied on Thursday, but they came late Saturday morning and when I went out to check if my bin had been emptied, I lifted the lid up and there was a layer of stinky bags in the bottom, so I asked the binman to empty it for me."

It was then Janice said the bin lid was broken.

The Bolton News: Janice with the green binJanice with the green bin (Image: NQ)“I reported my green waste bin was broken by the binman right in front of my eyes, I was told it would be replaced, then I get an email asking for a description of the man who did it, I obliged, then I got another email asking for a photo and I said no.

“I then got told that I would have to pay for a new bin as I had no evidence of what happened, in effect, they are calling me a liar.

“I am 70 years old, I have got osteoporosis, I have been ill with cancer so I am at home a lot, the binmen ran over my neighbour's bin a few months ago, they told her she would have to pay for a new one, she told them I was a witness to said destruction to her bin, they gave her a new one, no charge.

“I don't need a witness.

" I am not a liar. I have had my bin since day one and will give them my broken one back.

“I pay my rates. I do recycle but I should not be penalised.

“I feel angry, so angry.  I can’t believe it that I have to pay for one when I didn’t break it.”

Janice added: “I am also not happy because the council have asked neighbours near to me to put their bins at the side of my property so they have easy access, but I cannot get past, and I don’t want them piling up there.

“Everyone on my row has to bring their bin to the side entrance and I have asked the council to please not ask the neighbours to bring them round the side of my house.

The Bolton News: The bins at the side of Janice's homeThe bins at the side of Janice's home (Image: NQ)“I am 70 years old, and I have to shift everyone’s bins too.

“I just want a new green bin; I don’t want to have to pay for it.”

After The Bolton News contacted Bolton Council, they stated they would be providing a new bin - and Janice thanked the paper for its help.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “On this occasion, the council will be providing the resident with a new green waste bin free of charge.    

“Waste collection teams have been reminded of their obligation to report any damage to bins during collection.   

“With regards to the collection point, there are strategically placed to allow safe access to our crews and are usually at the ends of streets.

“A council officer will check the location on the next scheduled collection day to assess if they are in the correct location.”

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