Bolton's Public Health boss has asked residents to contribute to a "once-in-a-generation" change via a consultation on youth vaping.

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the consultation on youth vaping to the Conservative Party conference on October 4.

Bolton's Public Health boss, Lynn Donkin, asked residents to contribute their opinions on plans to tackle the availability of vapes, which through attractive colours and appealing flavours like bubblegum and candy floss have raised concerns they appeal to children.

Ms Donkin said it was a chance for a "once-in-a-generation" change after the consultation opened on October 16.

Ms Donkin said: "It is important to recognise, whilst vaping can help smokers to stop, there are concerns around children and young people vaping. Action is needed to look at the price, marketing and packaging of these products to reduce their appeal.

"We now have a chance to make a once-in-a-generation difference. I encourage everyone and to respond to this consultation which is a step towards making smoking a thing of the past and protecting our children and young people."

The Bolton News:

The borough's battle against youth vaping is already underway in its shops, where the council and the police are in the midst of a crackdown on sales to under-18s, and in its schools, where some students appear to be addicted to the devices.

One of these schools, St Joseph's RC High School, installed sensors in its toilets which were activated 112 times in one day.

It headteacher, Tony McCabe, told The Bolton News: "It is as if society have been sleepwalking into a situation where addictive products have been targeted towards young people.

"We noticed some young people cannot last an hour without the need for a toilet break so we had the sensors fitted to enable us to support those who appear to have an addiction."

Also on the agenda is smoking, which is thought to be the source of 382 deaths a year and 2,200 admissions a year in the borough.

The Prime Minister wants to raise the age for the sale of tobacco by one year, every year, until it applies to the population as a whole.

The consultation is open to anyone, of any age, in Bolton and across the UK. It opened on October 16 and it closes on December 6.

To contribute to the consultation go to

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