Police have confirmed that there were no serious injuries in an incident that happened in Little Lever last night (Friday).

On Friday, a cordon was put in place on Windermere Avenue after a suspected hit and run occurred at around 4.30pm.

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Another incident happened on nearby Church Street where a car had gone into a fence.

Residents have said they believe that the car on Church Street was the same one involved in the hit and run incident however this has not been confirmed.

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One passer-by said: “I didn’t see what exactly happened, but I hope that the person injured is okay.”

Another local resident said: “I heard an air ambulance circling very low at the time of the incident.

“Apparently, someone was hit by a car and the driver didn’t stop. There were lots of police cars.”

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At around 6pm, a recovery truck came to clear away the car.

Police confirmed no one was seriously injured but were not able to provide any further details.

Northwest Ambulance Service have not commented on the incident as of yet.

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