The residents of a Bolton home had a 'lucky' escape after a hoverboard caught fire in the room they slept in.

The fire took place at around midnight last night at a property on Thorn Street, Astley Bridge.

Three fire engines, two from Bolton Central and one from Bolton North, attended the blaze, which crews believe started from the charging hoverboard

Damage to the property was 'limited' and no one was harmed during the incident. 

Watch Manager Phil Hinsley of Bolton Central said: "It was a fire at a property involving an electric hoverboard.

"Crews dealt with the hoverboard.

"The fire service reminds everyone to not charge scooters and electrical appliances overnight while they are sleeping, and to have working smoke alarms.

"Damage to the property was limited as the appliance was moved to open air. The family evacuated prior to our arrival, they are all okay."

WM Hinsley confirmed that the surrounding properties were unaffected. Crews were in attendance for around 45 minutes.

WM Carl Greaves of Bolton North added: "These relatively cheap hoverboards can be particularly dangerous. Our advice is not to leave devices on charge unattended.

"In this circumstance, it was charging in the room they were sleeping. They were made aware very quickly.

"They were lucky, as an occupant tried to take it outside - but we would never advise that, as people have had batteries explode in their faces before.

"Our advice is to just ring 999, explain what is happening and leave the building."