Residents are working to retain the 'village feel' of their neighbourhood by having their rights to shape where their live established.

Over Hulton residents are working to have a bigger say in the area they live in when it comes to developments and changes.

Their neighbourhood plan has now been submitted under new laws to empower communities so that they could have a greater say in helping shape where they live and work.

 Once approved, the plan becomes part of the statutory development plan and is used to determine planning applications alongside the local plan for that area.

The Over Hulton Neighbourhood Plan Forum say they want to retain the village culture in the wake of any planning applications submitted.

The plan aims to ‘promote and encourage village lifestyle for residents’ and is now in the consultation phase.

This means the council will consider if the plan meets their requirements after a six-week period.

Carolyn Bevis, on behalf of the neighbourhood plan forum, said: It gives a community a voice about what they want to see in their neighbourhood.

“We want to enhance the quality of life here and celebrate the culture and history.

“It has taken us a long time to get here so we are delighted the council are going ahead with the next stage.”

The plan also aims to protect and enhance the natural features of Over Hulton and restore public access to green spaces.

It covers a large number of important local issues including housing and design, landscape, green space and heritage assets, access, local services and facilities.

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It will also look to remove or minimise flood risk and reduce carbon footprint, review opportunities for sustainable development and minimise the impact of development on local traffic and infrastructure.

Ms Bevis said: “It is important for Over Hulton because we have got to have a neighbourhood plan to protect the area because otherwise it could easily lose its identity.

“The document has the views of the residents and explains what they like and want to see in their town for the next 10 years.

“This will protect the area’s heritage and encompass all of these things together.”

The plan also allows the community to identify important infrastructure projects that should be improved, and which could be funded through development or in partnership with other delivery partners, such as the highways authority.

Ms Bevis said: “This is not something we just threw together, we did it legally and properly and we are looking forward to seeing the plan become a reality so that we can help preserve Over Hulton and ensure everyone is happy.”

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