It is not the sunshine or the golden beaches  which one woman who has crossed the pond misses - it  is the supermarkets!

TikTok user @Ashlee4ever has gone viral on the social media platform after admitting she found it hard to adjust to life in Bolton  - but is quick to praise the town she now calls home.

The town's heritage and stunning surrounding countryside was two of things she loves about the time.

Ashlee Buote moved to live with her boyfriend and homesickness struck when she was shopping at a supermarket and noticed how much produce was wrapped in plastic or the quantity of food in a box.

Ice cream typically comes in larger quantities in the US so Ashlee  was shocked to find boxes of three or four ice creams,

The 25-year-old said: “I feel like nobody hates England more than the English.

“Every time that I meet someone, and they find out that I’m from California, their first response is ‘Why are you here?'”

The Bolton News: Ashlee Buote

Grocery shopping was the ‘biggest culture shock’ for the Californian as she explained how her boyfriend and herself wanted to buy a box of ice creams only to find it came in only three or four in a box.

Ashlee spoke to The Bolton News about her experience moving from California to Bolton and even said she felt 'sad' to see all the shops closing in the town centre.

She said:  It's all very different from where I'm from.

"It's sad to see the Bolton town centre with all the closed down shops and lack of trees.

"I've been taking some time to adjust, definitely not ready for the cold winter.

"It's tricky making friends as an adult, especially when you move to a whole other country.

"For the most part things are great and I find the area quite beautiful with all the brick buildings and rolling green hills with the little sheep."

But it isn't all doom and gloom for the, as she supports her musician boyfriend and enjoys the community spirit and Lancashire hospitality the town is known for.


@ashlee4ever take a shot everytime i mention california #culturaldifferences #livingabroad #ustouk ♬ original sound - ash

She said: "However, I love the diversity and the music scene is buzzing.

"My boyfriend is a musician and gigs at local bars and restaurants, it's beautiful seeing people come together through his music and all the people are really nice and welcoming."

Nobody can move to Bolton, without mentioning the weather, especially as Greater Manchester is often referred to as the rainiest city in the UK.

Ashlee said: “The weather has also been tricky to get used to as I’m from California.

“It’s not like a constant rain though, it’s very off and on, like it’ll be drizzling, and then it’s pouring and then it stops, and starts again.”

Everybody in the comments guessed she was in Bolton and were in hysterics over the move.

One person asked: "You're not in Bolton are you?" 

Ashlee replied: "How did you know", confirming to many people in the comments that she was indeed in Bolton.