A couple have spoken of their heartbreak after the tragic loss of their IVF miracle baby at just four weeks old.

Jade-Louise Shipley gave birth to her baby boy Montgomery Thomas, David, Allen on August 8 at the Royal Bolton Hospital, and he was nicknamed “Monty”.

He died at their home in the early hours on September 10 due to sudden infant death syndrome, after he went to sleep and tragically did not wake up again.

It has left Jade-Louise and her partner Dan Allen “completely heartbroken”, which has ‘turned their world upside down’.

They said Monty was everything to them, and their ‘entire world’.

The Bolton News: Montgomery Thomas, David, Allen Montgomery Thomas, David, Allen (Image: Dan Allen)

Dan said: “Monty’s death has shocked and left us and our family completely heartbroken.

“He was our world and our little IVF miracle.

“We were so excited when we found out Jade was pregnant, so to have him ripped from us has turned our world upside down.”

But it’s thanks to the love and support of family and friends, and the kindest of the neighbours that they found any strength at all.

On the day of Monty’s funeral those in the local area gave the family extra space to allow for the convoy to pass through, as well as sending them flowers and cards.

Dan added: “Support from our friends and families has propped us both up massively, along with our three little puppies, the first of which is a clunky, playful, and beautiful Labrador named Pudding.

“We had him when Monty was still with us.

“But all three bring us so much joy and keep us very busy indeed.

“The support we got from the local community, in particular, on the day of his funeral was incredible.

“It was heartwarming that people were so willing to try and help a family they barely - if at all - knew.

“They really helped give the worst day of our lives a positive start.

“It seems like such a small thing to other people, but I find myself still talking about what they did for us.

“It was no small thing to us, and I can’t thank them enough.” 

The couple have said that when navigating through their grief talking is key, and it’s important to remain as strong as they can.

Dan has just started the first steps in sharing his journey at Andy’s Man Club.

Dan said: “For anyone who has, or is going through something similar, please stay strong.

“Take all of the support offered to you and talk.

“I recently made the first steps to getting that support by going down to Andy’s Man Club.

“It’s scary doing that for the first time, but well worth it.

“Please don’t shut yourself away, as easy it seems to do.”

Dan is originally from Bury and lived there up until March 2023, before he and Jade moved into their first home together in Breightmet, in preparation of Monty’s arrival.

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