New goalposts are set to be installed in two parks after the old ones fell into disrepair. 

The new posts are set to be installed at the park off St James Street and at Eatock Lodge, both in Daisy Hill, Westhoughton

Both parks formerly had such facilities, but after they fell into disrepair they were removed, with one set of goalposts reportedly having fallen over due to the extent of its corrosion. 

It is hoped that local children will use the parks once the new posts are installed.

It is not yet clear when they will be installed.

The Bolton News: The park on St James StreetThe park on St James Street (Image: Cllr David Chadwick)

Cllr David Chadwick of Westhoughton South said: "We will be installing new goalposts, they were used by children on the field on St James Street in Daisy Hill, as it is just near St James CE Primary School, they would go by after school.

"Those were removed because of corrosion to the posts, one collapsed and fell over. They were subsequently removed but never replaced, until now.

"The kids enjoy playing on there, so we have approved new goalposts. It is just a hop step and jump from the school playground." 

Councillors voted to approve the proposals at a Members Only Meeting on Tuesday, October 26. 

The Bolton News: Eatock LodgeEatock Lodge


Last year, a row broke out following the removal of the posts at the park on St James Street last August. 

Councillors in Westhoughton claimed that Bolton Council were 'refusing' to put the posts back, while the council claimed it was done for safety reasons. 

The changes to the park on St James Street come after a bin was set alight and dog poo was smeared over equipment at the play park there

Witnesses also saw rubbish 'strewn everywhere' in the park. 

Cllr Chadwick added: "We have also approved new goalposts at Eatock Lodge in Westhoughton. 

"They have, unfortunately, not been there for a while, but we are hoping that children would be using it like they used to."