The magic of the Festival of Lights in Rivington has been brought to life by a member of our Bolton News Camera Club.

Each picture taken by Gillian McGowan captures something different.

From the Pigeon Tower lit up, to the Paddington Bear lantern, and the vibrant lights hung on trees, there was something for everyone at this year’s festival.

Rivington Heritage Trust has put on the festival since 2019, which saw the Italian Lake, the Pigeon Tower and Levers Bridge light up for two nights in March.

The Bolton News: By Gillian McGowan By Gillian McGowan (Image: Gillian McGowan)This year's event included a range of lanterns created by volunteers, music, a laser and light show, and a whole host of entertainment.

The festival is part of a wider project focused on restoring and showcasing the historic Rivington Terraced Gardens, which Chair of Friends of Rivington Terrace Gardens, Vanessa Ashcroft , says has a huge impact on the well-being of residents in the community.

Much of the work aims to make the space safe and accessible and pathways clear.

Vanessa said: “Every year it is always so charming and magical.

“Everyone who comes always enjoys it, with some saying it's better than Dunham Massey.

“It’s great for families to get out into nature and see the woodland lit up in the gardens and the lasers; it is truly magical.”

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