The middle aisles of Aldi and Lidl are often full of handy gadgets and bargains and this week is no different.

From Thursday November 2, there are a variety of items to add to your trolley including Christmas decorations, cosy clothes and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the items you’ll find in the middle aisles of Aldi and Lidl from Thursday.

Aldi Specialbuys

This week, Aldi is offering shoppers a range of Christmas decorations as festivities begin.

You can find all of the upcoming Specialbuys via the Aldi website.

6Ft Christmas Inflatable Santa

The Bolton News: 6Ft Christmas Inflatable Santa and Snowman6Ft Christmas Inflatable Santa and Snowman (Image: Aldi)

Now that spooky season is over, you might be thinking of all things Christmas and if you are, Aldi’s middle aisle is a good place to start when it comes to decking the halls.

This inflatable decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors and it comes with LED lights for use at night.

It comes with a 5m cable, guide ropes and pegs to help secure it.

Make it yours for £24.99 at Aldi – customers can also choose a snowman design.

Perfect Christmas Folding Parcels

The Bolton News: Perfect Christmas Folding ParcelsPerfect Christmas Folding Parcels (Image: Aldi)

If you prefer more subtle Christmas decorations, Aldi also has this set of light-up parcels.

The wireframe decorations come in a pack of three and batteries.

Customers can choose from black or silver wire and switch between warm white and ice-white LEDs.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors and could be yours for £12.99.

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Lidl’s middle aisle

Customers will find advent calendars, cosy clothes and more in Lidl’s middle aisle from Thursday.

You can find all of the upcoming middle aisle items via the Lidl website.

Barbie/Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

The Bolton News: Barbie Advent CalendarBarbie Advent Calendar (Image: Lidl)

While you might be getting excited for Christmas already, the real countdown starts on December 1 when you open the first door of your advent calendar.

Lidl has a variety of advent calendars coming to stores from Thursday, including these Barbie and Hot Wheels ones.

With the Barbie advent calendar, your little one will get a Barbie doll and 24 accessories including clothing, a hat and a kitten.

The Hot Wheels one comes with eight vehicles and 16 winter-themed accessories including a snow plough and reindeer. The side of the box can double as a play mat.

Both advent calendars are available for £19.99 each at Lidl.

Adult’s Fluffy Hoodie

The Bolton News: Adult’s Fluffy HoodieAdult’s Fluffy Hoodie (Image: Lidl)

This fluffy hoodie is unisex and comes with hood and pouch pocket.

It’s available in black, lilac and grey and customers can get 20% off with the Lidl Plus app from November 2-8.

It has a casual oversized style and is available in sizes S/M and L/XL.

Pick it up for £12.99 (original price before app discount).

Silentnight Dehumidifier

The Bolton News: Silentnight DehumidifierSilentnight Dehumidifier (Image: Lidl)

This dehumidifier removes moisture from its surrounding environment and the added filter reduces dust and particles.

When the tank is full, it automatically turns itself off and the removable water tank can be removed for cleaning.

A handle allows for easier transportation and you could make this yours for £44.99 at Lidl.