A dangerous driver mounted the kerb and "ran over" another woman after a "perceived slight over a man", a court has heard.

Kelly Fitton, 36, was driving a grey BMW at around 11am when she saw her victim waiting to cross over Wigan Road in Leigh on October 11 2021.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Fitton came across the other woman in a "chance sighting" before driving at her.

Eleanor Myers, prosecuting, said: "She hit the ground and realised at that point that she had been hit by a car."

Ms Myers told the court that the other woman then looked up to see Fitton's BMW nearby with its engine still on and its brake lights on.

The victim was taken to hospital and was given crutches to walk on for some time afterwards.

Fitton herself was arrested the following January at her home on Oxlea Grove, Westhoughton, where police saw the same grey BMW parked on the driveway.

Ms Myers said: "She described seeing the victim by chance and clipping her with her car."

A statement from the victim read out by Ms Myers described the lasting impact that the incident had on her and those around her.

She said: "My family and I are scared in case Kelly turns up and does something else.

Fitton pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

Denise Fitzpatrick, defending, argued that Fitton deserved credit for having pleaded guilty and told the court that she had been struggling with anxiety and depression at the time.

She pointed out that the crime had been committed around two years ago and that Fitton had not been responsible for the "inexplicable delay" in bringing the case to court.

Ms Fitzpatrick said that the "extremely short incident" arose after a "chance sighting."

She said: "Kelly Fitton agrees in her own words that this was a moment of madness."

She added that the defendant had shown real remorse and had not committed any further crimes since then.

Recorder Paul Hodgkinson accepted that Fitton had pleaded guilty straight away, that she was "effectively of good character" and that she had endured difficult periods in her life.

But he reminded the defendant that at 34-years-old when the crime was committed, she was at "an age when you were old enough to know better than to behave in this pathetically childish way, with dramatic consequences with regard to yourself."

He added: "You didn't clip, you mounted the kerb where the public were walking and ran her over."

Recorder Hodgkinson acknowledged that there was "some perceived slight over a man" involved but told Fitton her actions were a "deliberate act of revenge."

But he said that owing to her family situation he would not jail her straight away.

Recorder Hodgkinson sentenced Fitton to nine months in prison, suspended for 18 months and ordered her to complete 120 hours of unpaid work with 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

He also ordered her to pay £250 compensation and banned her from the roads for 12 months.