The Blackout Crew are back - and this time they teamed up with world-famous DJ Jax Jones to release a new single.

The single is out today - but  it has already become a viral sensation on TikTok.

The Bolton based band found fame in the early 2000s and topped the charts in 2009 with three singles, ‘Bbbounce’, ‘Put a Donk on it’, and ‘Dialled.’

After their initial success, the crew went their separate ways to work on solo projects and have families.

But now, the group have reunited and are back on the  music scene with DJ Jax Jones, who has created songs for the likes of RAYE, American popstar Demi Lovato, Mabel, and The Vamps.

Now, Jax has released a new song Won’t Forget You with D.O.D and Ina Wroldsen, with a new version featuring Kurtis Chadwick aka MC Viper, Jordan Cover, aka MC Cover, and Luke Purall aka MC Lukey from the newly reformed Blackout Crew.

The Bolton News: Blackout Crew

Kurtis said: “It’s Jax’s original track but sped up and us talking about how we are back and being away for a while.

“It’s a good track getting millions of views on TikTok already, socials has, gone mad over it.

“Jax is a really good guy and we have not connected this way with music before.”

The DJ sampled a line from Put a Donk on it to his new song and posted it to TikTok where fans were quick to comment he should get the real band on the song.

Eventually, Jax’s team called the band, and they recorded a new version and are now working on other songs with the hit DJ.

@jaxjones Replying to @Khloe Jones😈💀 Put a donk on it! Judging by the comments on my vids recently it was only right i gave @Blackout Crew call to come hang out. We may have a surprise for u 👀👀 #donk #producer #newmusic #remix #electronicmusic ♬ Wont Forget You sped up donk version - Jax Jones

Following the recording, Jax and the Blackout Crew attended a party together where they perform the track, with Jax putting it on his TikTok.

Kurtis said: “It was by accident that I saw the TikToks and now it’s given us this opportunity.

“We were not looking for anything, but we cannot turn this down and you have to run with it because things like this do not happen to people.

“It was like a joke act the first time but this time we want to be taken seriously.”

The new single is out on November 3 on all major platforms.