A shop in Bolton which was plagued with difficulties has been rebranded and is no longer selling alcohol.

Royle News, located on Bury Road in Breightmet, previously lost its licence over selling booze to youngsters.

In 2021 it emerged 13-year-olds had obtained alcohol.

The business was also found to have sold illegal tobacco.

Earlier this year, Royle News was once again made the subject of licence review.

The grounds given for this were that there was an “incident of serious crime” and it was needed for “the protection of children from harm".

However now the store had rebranded.

The business is now called Express Corner Shop.

Its sign states that it sells groceries, newspapers, tobacco and chilled drinks.

A staff member confirmed they were formerly Royle News.

They added: “We are no longer selling alcohol.”

In February last year a temporary alcohol licence was given to the new owner of Royle News.

Police had raised concerns about the previous owner after booze and illegal cigarettes had been sold.