A Bolton woman took spice into a prison after she was 'begged' to do so by her partner who had left it at her home while on the run.

Cara James was wanted by police after failing to attend at magistrates courts.

In September last year police were alerted to her presence in HMP Hindley visiting her then partner.

Bolton Crown Court heard she was arrested and made a confession that she had drugs on her.

Verity Quaite, prosecuting, said: “She disclosed that she had something in her bra.

“She was conveyed to the Wigan custody suite and strip searched.

“They found a small cellophane wrap on her bra.

“There were 14 sheets of A4 writing paper.

“It was analysed and shown to be laced with a class B drug commonly known as spice.

“The value in prison is five times higher.

“It was £100 per sheet so a total of £1,400.”

James, 37 and from Barchester Avenue, Breightmet, appeared in court to be sentenced after previously admitting attempting to bring a prohibited item into a prison and possession of a class B drug.

Niamh McGinty revealed the circumstances which led her to take the drugs into prison.

She said her partner had escaped from an open prison.

She said: “He arrived at her house.

“He was picked up by police, he left a bag there, in that bag was the package.

“Her partner begged her to take them to her.

“The context is important.

“It provides some information as to her culpability.

“There is no expectation of financial gain.”

She added man had threatened to take his own life if she finished their relationship.

She also said James had a child with “separation anxiety” worried about her going to prison.

Recorder Philip Grundy said he had never not sent someone to prison for this offence.

But he said: “When I came into court today there was nothing that could have saved you from being locked up.

“Your counsel has persuaded me to step back from locking you up today.”

He suspended a sentence of eight months for two years, ordered James to do a 12 month long alcohol treatment requirement and attend at 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.