Free classes are to be put on in Bolton to help "remove the taboo" around mental health. 

Funded by the council, the classes will teach people to be more aware of mental health and to help others with their own. 

Aimed at people in the borough who work or volunteer with adults, young people and children, they include classes on Mental Health Champion training, "mental health first aiders" and "Five Ways to Wellbeing".

Cllr Emily Mort, mental health champion at the council, said: "Obviously, mental health is a massive conversation, we have just had World Mental Health Day. 

"I am extremely passionate about removing the taboo, and these courses will help people to do that. 

The Bolton News: Cllr Emily Mort volunteeringCllr Emily Mort volunteering (Image: Public)

"It is a mixture of online and in-person. They are free, having been funded by public health. 

"The classes range from 'Five Ways to Wellbeing', mental health champion training and mental health first aiders." 

Five Ways to Wellbeing is the introductory class, highlighting "five important things you can do to protect and improve your mental health" and to find out about further training that is available. 

She added: "We have one member or staff dedicated to community mental health training. We will also bring in external partners to facilitate other training. 

"For example, we are working with Re-Align Futures CIC and Bolton Hospice. There is also potential for organisations to have training which is bespoke to them."

The Bolton News: Cllr MortCllr Mort (Image: Public)

The classes are running from now through to June next year. 

Cllr Mort added: "I have spent the last 20 years of my life volunteering with different community sectors.

"You often find that you get the basic training that you are required to do, but it is really hard to get anything else, so this will really help. 

"We do have a raft of amazing volunteer organisations in this sector in the borough.

"We will be working alongside senior cabinet members to enhance the relationship we have with them."

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