The clock in an 'iconic' building is now working after a period of being out of commission. 

One of the most recognisable sights in Westhoughton is its terracotta stone town hall

The building, which was built in 1903, has a distinctive clock tower at the top - however, for at least the last six months, its clock has been out of commission. 

The tower had sprung a leak, with the water from it causing electrical issues with the clock. 

Now, it is working again, marking a step towards bringing the town hall back to its former glory. 

The Bolton News: The clock towerThe clock tower (Image: Public)

Cllr David Chadwick of Westhoughton South said: "It has been a hell of a long time, I can't quantify the length of time, but I had been trying to get it working since I was re-elected in May. 

"I was promised it would be fixed three times, but time went by. Eventually I got the message to say that the town hall clock was now working, and it was - I was really pleased. 

"The town hall clock is iconic in Westhoughton, I think. The town hall building is something we should cherish, and the clock as well. 

"Apparently the problem was that the tower leaks, so when it rains water comes in. I believe that because of the ingress of water, that was what was causing problems with its electrics." 

He continued: "Hopefully now in more permanent situation. 

The Bolton News: Westhoughton Town HallWesthoughton Town Hall

"Obviously a lot of work has got to be done to bring it back up to standards before we might be able to turn the building into spaces which the community can use, and if somebody wants to set up small business." 

This comes after multimillion plans were revealed earlier this year to 'revamp' Westhoughton Town Hall

One idea includes turning it into a base for businesses, with restaurants and a cafe suggested to be included in the hall. 

Proposals have also been made for it to be given Listed status, with Historic England having been asked to make a recommendation to the Government. 

Westhoughton Library would also be part of the proposals.