An exhibition is being held in Bolton to mark a less well known genocide in Europe, which happened 90 years ago. 

The Holodomor, which translates to "death by hunger" in Ukrainian, resulted in the deaths of millions of Ukrainian people at the hands of the Soviet state between 1932-33. 

Soviet policies are said to have led to the deliberate starvation of people in the country. 

Now, an exhibition will be held at Bolton Central Library to mark the genocide from Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 26. 

The exhibition aims to inform the people of Bolton, who may be unaware of the events of 90 years ago

In 2009, the council passed a resolution recognising the crimes committed as genocide and in 2013 the local authority gave permission for a memorial stone dedicated to the victims of the Holodomor to be placed within the Ukrainian section of Heaton Cemetery.

Yaroslaw Tymchyshyn, chair of the Bolton Branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, said: “While my thoughts and prayers are with the people back home, this exhibition is an opportunity for our community to come together and remember the victims of the Holodomor.

“During such difficult times, it’s important that we stand shoulder to shoulder, so I invite the wider Bolton community to see the exhibition for themselves.

“The world needs to know, and Ukraine needs to remember.”

On Sunday, November 26 there will be a memorial service for the victims of the Holodomor in Heaton Cemetery hosted by AUGB.