A Bolton MP has spoken at a mosque in Bolton about his position on calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing war in Gaza after being pressed on the matter by residents.

Conservative MP Mark Logan, who represents Bolton North East, said this week that Muslims in his constituency had felt "very aggrieved about the issue".

He has questioned the foreign office to ask what conditions would have to be met for a ceasefire.

On Thursday night, the MP attended a meeting at the Masjid-e-Noorul Islam Mosque, just off Halliwell Road, to address constituents about the issue this week.

And after being questioned by those in attendance he has clarified his stance. 

The questions came after some in attendance noted he had not voted for an Early Day Motion, launched by Labour MP Zara Sultana, in support of one.

Mr Logan said: "I have been clear, and let me be clear once again, I have spoken on behalf of my constituents, in Parliament, and to our government, stating that many of my constituents are calling for a ceasefire.

"Just this week, I asked the Foreign Office Minister what criteria would have to be met in order for us to call for a ceasefire. There has not been a vote in the House of Commons."

He said people he had met were "referring to an Early Day Motion, which as a parliamentary private secretary, in the party of government, I’m invariably precluded from signing".

The recent rounds of conflict began when Israel was attacked by Hamas on October 7.

Thousands of people have since been killed.

Calls for a ceasefire have been resisted by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and also leader of the opposition Keir Starmer.

They have said going ahead with this would allow Hamas to regroup, but proponents of it have said not calling for one is allowing the killings to continue.