A businessman has urged taxi drivers across Bolton to “put difference aside and unite” after founding a “unique” new association.

Shaz Malik, who runs Four Sixes Taxi Company in Chorley, says that having founded a new association bringing Hackney and Private Hire drivers together in his hometown he hopes to do the same in Bolton.

He says this could help them survive and thrive in the face of competitors like Uber.

Mr Malik said: “It’s time to unite, what we have done in Chorley is something unique!

“It doesn’t matter if your Hackney or Private Hire, put your difference aside and unite to build a better future for the taxi trade.

The Bolton News: Four Sixes taxi boss Shaz MalikFour Sixes taxi boss Shaz Malik (Image: Public)


“There are multiple associations running in Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Bury.

“Each town should only have one association, that association should have four to six directors ranging Private Hire Vehicles, Hackneys and Operators to keep it fair and balanced.

“We can help you to create a taxi association similar to ours.

“There is a real treat in the next three to five years for Private Hire Vehicles, Hackneys and operators.

“If the change is not made now, trade will be lost to our rival competitors, like of Uber, Bolt.”

The Bolton News: The new association's logoThe new association's logo (Image: Chorley Taxi Association)

Mr Malik says that historically Private Hire and Hackney Carriage drivers have been divided between different interest groups.

But now he hopes that the trade can come together as one to pursue their common interests.

The idea came to him when Hackney Carriage owner Mohammed Esa came to him to ask for help supporting the hackney trade.

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Mr Esa said: "I thought Shaz Malik, the owner of Four Sixes would be able to support the trade, I had known about Shaz's other projects delivered within the Chorley community and seemed the perfect fit.”

Following a series of meetings, they decided to forge a new association involving drivers from different strands of the taxi trade.

They came together with long established Hackney Carriage owners Shakail Ahmed, Shoaib Desai and Rashid Sohail to build the Chorley Taxi Association which now works with nearby takeaways, insurance companies, accountants and car washes to get discounts for members.

Mr Malik now hopes that the model he has established will prove to be a success in Bolton as well.