A Bolton born actress has teamed up with an award-winning playwright to bring a show to the stage.

Keziah Lockwood, who has produced "The Guildford Poltergeist", struggled with learning difficulties growing up and found the arts as a way to express herself.

She has teamed up with Tess Humphrey for the play.

Keziah said: “Teachers told my parents I was a 'lost cause' when it came to education.

"But my mother helped me to learn and enrolled me in drama classes at Orr Dance and Drama and I was hooked! It helped me get into reading and literature and broadened my horizons.”

The Bolton News: Keziah LockwoodKeziah Lockwood (Image: David John)

Since then, Keziah has travelling around the world performing working in a manner of productions.

She has been involved in TV and film such as "Geist: The Scarsdale Mystery", directed by James Twyman, "Foyles War", "Coronation Street" and the film "Pond Life", directed by Bill Buckhurst.

Keziah said: “I find acting rewarding, as I have had the chance to travel and open my eyes to all different kinds of people and communities I never thought I would get the chance to meet.”

The Guildford Poltergeist revolves around a family at the centre of a media storm when they are tormented by ghostly goings on in their new house.

The Bolton News: The Guildford PoltergeistThe Guildford Poltergeist (Image: PR)

Keziah has been producing for a while with one of her notable works being "Somme Men" in 2018, a First World War drama, quite a different scene to "The Guildford Poltergeist".

Tess has worked with Keziah before on "The Lionheart Phantom" but this was purely as an acting role.

The Bolton News: Playwright Tess HumphreyPlaywright Tess Humphrey (Image: PR)

She said: “When Tess asked me to be a producer on this production, I accepted right away. Her work is transcendent and so exciting to be a part of.

“When it comes to her plays, her work is intricate, you never know exactly how things will turn out and she keeps you guessing and creates a sense of wonder that the theatre is all about.”

"I am so excited to be working with Keziah again.

"She has an amazing energy about her, always buzzing with fun, but seemingly capable of doing anything. Nothing is ever too much work for her!"

The play will be performed at The Kings Arms in Salford on February 16, 17 and 18th and Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool on February 23, 24 and 25.