More than 500 homes in Halliwell are currently being affected by power cuts.

A total of 337 homes or businesses are currently being hit with a power cut caused by an unexpected incident on the high voltage cable that provides electricity to homes and businesses.

The Electricity North West website states the power cut was first reported at 9.59am with the team on their way with an estimated time of restoration at 12.59pm.

This is impacting these postcodes: BL1 5QA, BL1 5ET, BL1 5EF, BL1 6DY, BL1 5EQ, BL1 5BL, BL1 5DG, BL1 6EL, BL1 5FJ, BL1 5XJ, BL1 6DT, BL1 5AL, BL1 5PD, BL1 5XH, BL1 6EH, BL1 5EH, BL1 4JB, BL1 5ER, BL1 5PX, BL1 5FB, BL1 5EJ, BL1 5EB, BL1 6HE, BL1 5AB, BL1 6EF, BL1 5XA, BL1 5AD, BL1 5EP, BL1 5DL, BL1 5FG, BL1 5ES, BL1 5BH, BL1 3EU, BL1 5FR, BL1 5XQ, BL1 6FX, BL1 5FA, BL1 5NQ, BL1 6EA, BL1 5EG, BL1 5GQ, BL1 5AS, BL1 5XF, BL1 6EZ, BL1 5PB, BL1 6EQ, BL1 7PW, BL1 5XD, BL1 6EJ, BL1 5EW, BL1 5AJ, BL1 5DE, BL1 5XB, BL1 5ST, BL1 5BQ, BL1 5DH, BL1 5FF, BL1 5NX, BL1 6DZ, BL1 6HA, BL1 5DS, BL1 5BB, BL1 5EX, BL1 5PE, BL1 6DL, BL1 6ED, BL1 5NZ, BL1 5BD, BL1 5AY, BL1 5AF, BL1 6EY, BL1 5PF, BL1 5XG, BL1 5EN, BL1 6EB, BL1 5EL, BL1 5AN, BL1 5BN, BL1 5WD, BL1 6FA, BL1 5XE, BL1 6BS, BL1 5EU, BL1 5AW, BL1 5AX, BL1 6EX, BL1 5AQ, BL1 5EY, BL1 5FE, BL1 5FH, BL1 6BW, BL1 5BE, BL1 5DJ, BL1 7PZ, BL1 6EG, BL1 5NG, BL1 5EA, BL1 6DX, BL1 5AU, BL1 4JP, BL1 5AE, BL1 5XN, BL1 5WA, BL1 5DN, BL1 5AH, BL1 5AG, BL1 5DF, BL1 4JS, BL6 4LJ, BL1 5PA, BL1 5AT, BL1 5DD.

There are also another 216 homes or businesses being impacted by power cuts in Halliwell.

The power cuts were first reported at 10.28am with teams currently on their way.

The estimated time of restoration is 4.28pm.

The cuts are impacting these postcodes: BL1 3NB, BL1 8HF, BL1 3NE, BL1 3NF, BL1 3SU, BL1 3NH, BL1 3QW, BL1 3SZ, BL1 3NN, BL1 3NG, BL1 3QN, BL1 3NL, BL1 3SX, BL1 3NR, BL1 3NS, BL1 3PA, BL1 3NW, BL1 8HE, BL1 3NQ, BL1 3NT, BL1 3SY, BL1 3QS, BL1 3SG, BL1 3RG, BL1 3NJ, BL1 3NP.

The Electricity North West website states: “We didn't know before your electricity went off that this was going to happen but now, we know, rest assured we will get your power back on safely and as quickly as possible.”

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