Police in Astley Bridge are tackling parking problems and anti-social behaviour as they launch their latest campaign to keep residents safe.

Officers from Bolton’s Neighbourhood Policing Team attended a regular Partners and Community Together (PACT) meeting to discuss issues and concerns raised by residents.

The meeting was also attended by Astley Bridge councillors, Hilary Fairclough and John Walsh. 

The neighbourhood team also informed residents of its latest safety and crime prevention campaign, 'darker nights', which encourages residents to take greater consideration for personal safety and home security as winter approaches.

As part of the scheme, neighbourhood policing sergeant Zach Keneally, said the team had been patrolling areas linked to anti-social behaviour and added that any incidents of ASB reported by residents would be logged, with problem areas added to regular patrol routes.

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He added that officers have responded to reports of drug dealing from cars on Eden Street, next to Astley Bridge cemetery. He advised anyone with sightings of vehicles, particularly if they have registration numbers, to contact Crime Stoppers.

Greater Manchester Police have also acquired a new Sur-Ron motorbike to tackle crime carried out using motorbikes.

PC Keneally said: “They use bikes as they know it's harder for us to catch them.

“We have just got a Sur-On bike and we should have a better ability to attend to off road bikes and pursue them.”

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He also discussed the launch of Bee in the Loop, a new service allowing GMP to send ward specific alerts and information to residents regarding crime in their area.

Residents also raised concerns about inconsiderate parking outside schools, including The Oaks Primary school on Sharples Hall Drive.

Police say this is an issue that many schools face and while parking rules are difficult to enforce officers have been working with schools to encourage parents to park responsibly.